Catalog Products
Chiralix offers a range of innovative chiral building blocks for use in the research laboratories of pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries. Many compounds available in our catalog are supplied exclusively by Chiralix.

Take a look at our on-line catalog of building blocks.

New compounds are added to our catalog on a regular basis. Nonetheless, the catalog merely contains an overview of representative Chiralix building blocks. The list is by far not exhaustive since many more custom derivatives are possible using the underlying preparative technologies: challenge us with your demands!

Chiralix provides contract research services to support the drug discovery efforts of our clients. These services include:

These contract services can be provided on the basis of dedicated FTE's or on a per-compound basis. The FTE-based approach is generally considered to be more flexible, since it allows multiple projects to be fitted with the same contract, and priorities within a project can easily be changed.

Evidently, our customers are our primary concern and therefore, we communicate frequently with our clients and projects are managed professionally respecting strict confidentiality. At the end of a research project, our clients are provided with a comprehensive, detailed report (as hardcopy and/or in electronic format). And, of course, all novel intellectual property belongs to the customer.

Seamless transfer option
In recognition of the need for services throughout each phase in the drug development process, Chiralix has entered into an experienced and unique service supply chain, together with Syncom (Groningen, The Netherlands), ResCom® (Regensburg, Germany) and DSM Pharma Chemicals. Each independent organisation adds its own characteristics, technologies and strengths to the chain.

unique service supply chain

The seamless match between each partner's activities, and their positioning in the different phases on the drug development time line, ensures maximum continuity and flexibility in the service supply chain. This offers our clients the possibility to transfer projects quickly, easily and efficiently as they progress. Obviously, our customers are by no means obliged to follow the service chain. However, if desired, the chain can offer an excellent full-spectrum service from very early development to large scale manufacturing.