About us
Chiralix is a specialist in chiral organic synthesis. We offer a unique range of chiral drug-like building blocks on research-scale, aimed at research laboratories in pharmaceutical companies and all others involved in the Life Sciences industry.

Chiralix - your partner in chiral chemistry

The integration of our proven top-notch technological capabilities in the areas of advanced organic synthesis, transition metal catalysis and biocatalysis, enables us to develop flexible and efficient synthetic routes to diversely substituted chiral molecules, such as specialty amino acidsazido acidsamino alcohols and peptide building blocks.

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Featured products
The following products are featured from our on-line catalog. Click on a structure for more information.

Cereulide & 13C6-Cereulide
The emetic toxin of Bacillus cereus and it’s 13C-labeled analogue.
β2 Amino Acids
Enantiomerically pure β2 amino acids for e.g. peptidomimetics.
Diastereomerically pure (±)-strigol, (±)-sorgolactone, rac-GR24 and Nijmegen-1.
Chromo- & Fluorogenic Amino Acids
pNA-, AMC- and rhodamine-based building blocks for chromogenic and fluorogenic peptides.